Our Aims

The Clear Streams initiative aims to promote a healthier and cleaner water environment for the benefit of people, communities and wildlife.

To deliver this, Clear Streams is working towards 5 key objectives:


to protect and improve our water ecology and environment.


to reduce the impact of business on the environment and improve responsible use of sewer


to reduce water pollution and improve water quality.


to embed water quality issues in strategies, plans and activities across Swansea.


to promote community ownership of our water environment.

Latest News

Why our aquatic life is in trouble

Rivers, lakes, wetlands and beaches form a complex water system. Our wellbeing depends on this system. And so too does the wellbeing of our wildlife. But today, less than a quarter of our water systems are classified as healthy. There are many causes: pollution, habitat destruction, and too much water being drawn out for homes and businesses. This means there are fewer places for us to fish and explore; fewer places for birds and water voles to thrive; and our homes are affected too, as the quality of our water environment affects drinking water, sanitation and flood management. The "Save Our Water" campaign www.saveourwater.org.uk  has produced a useful blueprint infographic to sum things up, which we thought we'd share with you.

Tawe Trial Discussion and Presentations: 7pm Monday October 12th

The Swansea Environmental Forum Annual General Meeting will take place at the Environment Centre at 7pm on Monday 12th October 2015. The AGM business will be followed by presentations and discussion: The NRW Tawe Trial projects update The trial was devised by Natural Resources Wales to find out how an ecosystems approach for managing our natural resources could be implemented. This approach will mean that resources will be managed in a way that enhances the health of the environment, whilst also providing better benefits for society and businesses. At the AGM you will be able to find out what was discovered and how it is going to influence NRW and Welsh Government. You can access the papers for the AGM on their website http://swanseaenvironmentalforum.net/

Voluntary Marine Code of Conduct Events

Voluntary Marine Code Events: if you are interested in the sea and want to know more about marine life and how you can help protect wildlife come along!